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My first day of class

I remember the first day of school as an exciting day. I was 6 or 7, and after attending a small kindergarten in the city, I started in a big school out of the city.

The school had two buildings, one for the pre-school and primary school and other building to secondary school, each building with its own open-air area or playground.

I remember my mom took me to the school early in the morning because she had to fill some forms with the principle, and the teacher was going to have a chat with her. I remember I was nervous, and afraid because the school was too big for what I was used to. “What if get lost? Is the teacher nice? Will I make new friends?” But the overall feeling was excitement.

We arrived at the school and after showing us the class, the teacher told me to go to play to the playground while my mom filled the forms with the principle. In the middle of the playground there was one of those wheels where you kick the ground to spin. It was big, tall, yellow, and the bottom was made by metallic green bars.  I ran to the wheel and start spinning as fast as I could. After a while I stopped the wheel to go to the slide, but my foot got stuck between two bars. I tried and tried but I couldn’t get my foot out of the wheel. I thought that doctors probably would need to amputate my foot, and I started crying and calling my mother.

My mother and the teacher came. The teacher just kneeled next to me, told me to relax, and she just moved a bit my ankle and set me free.

I was embarrassed, and I didn’t want to stay at school, but of course I had to. My mom left and I went to the classroom with my new classmates. The girl sitting next to me told me that her foot also got stuck in the wheel in the summer school. I was relieved! We started talking and we found out we lived quite close to each other.

At the end I had a good first school day.


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