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First School Day

I remember I was 7 years old when I started school. I did not sleep that night, way too excited to wear my new clothes, new shoes and new bag and more than ready to make new friends.

Me and my family were then living in HLM one city in the Est side of the capital of Senegal (Dakar). Going to school was a whole new experience for me and many of my friends because we did not go to kindergarten. So far, the only place we have been studying is home or one of their numerous little places in the cities where we used to gather to learn Quran.

Unlike the previous days, I did not wait my mom to wake me up that morning – I was the first to be awaked, went quickly to take a shower and did not even take time to finish my breakfast.

Arrived at school, the yard was full of students, accompanied by their parents. Many were playing, some looked shy others were crying and made me wonder if going to school was as fun as my brother and parents were telling me. Because just after the excitement of wearing your new clothes, meeting your new friends and teacher, after discovering your new environment. The reality of being away from home and far from your family is taking over and many kids start then to miss the comfort and security that being home and close to your loved ones provide. Indeed, what parents do not tell us when they talk about going to school for the first time, is that, they will not stay there with us. We will be there by our own. We will have to spend many hours during many days of the week with some strangers that we will call later Mister or Madam.

Like a newborn baby who discovers the world, on the first day of class, the child’s first contact with school is decisive. Life at school is full of vicissitudes that will become part of everyday life – and henceforth you must be ready. Some might remember it as a great day in their life, other will remember it less

The first day of school is not just for the children: it is also the start of the school year for parents. Back to school means no more daily habits: planning adapted to children’s class programs. You have to prepare them in the morning, then bring them to school, pick them up after school at the end of the morning. What a stress! But what wouldn’t you do for your little angels?

I do remember my first day of school as it was yesterday, what I was wearing, the sandwich my mom made for me, how sad I was when she left me, how kind Madame Diallo (our teacher) was with us and the song we were singing all day long

“I am big enough to go to school

I am smart enough to go to school

I will study hard and succeed easily

I will take it easy and progress steadily”


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