Por Una Sonrisa

Sponsorship and development co-operation

The starting point of the sponsorship and development co-operation of All Our Children is to give the possibility for the local partners to help, because they have the expertise and knowledge of the situation and the conditions of the country of destination. The results of the work, however, are dependent on foreign aid and contributions.

All Our Children has a sponsorship program in Colombia. Our sponsors always support the whole group. Sponsors regularly receive a sponsorship letter which gives news about the destination of sponsorship, the group of children being sponsored, and the country of which the sponsorship has been directed.

Sponsors for Colombia support the pre-school educational project set by the Por Una Sonrisa organization, which affords children from the slums of Bogota to have the opportunity for a pre-school education.

All Our Children follows the ethics and rules set by and developed in cooperation with Finnish organizations of sponsorship.