Kansainvälinen adoptio

International adoption 

All Our Children offers preparatory courses for those who are considering international adoption, as well as those who are in different stages of the adoption process. These also include specialized courses for adoptive parents who consider a new adoption process or are waiting for an adopted sibling.

We organize conferences and discussions on issues related to adoption with the co-operation of other adoption organizations and agencies. At the support help line of the adoption curator, anyone who wants support, advice or help to talk about issues related to adoption, can call. The conversations are confidential and it is also possible to contact anonymously.

The Adoptee’s Voice is our podcast, where a group of internationally adopted adults discuss topics that are important to them. The Adoptee’s Voice is based in Finland. You can listen to the podcast on Mixcloud  or Spotify.  Follow podcast on Instagram!

All Our Children is a part of the network of all adoption agents, and is a member of the International Affairs section of the Adoption Council.

More information:

Adoption Counsellor Anja Wikstedt, tel. 050 378 2462 or e-mail anja.wikstedt@yhteisetlapsemme.fi

Adoption Coordinator Martha Vuori, tet. 044 901 3969  martha.vuori@yhteisetlapsemme.fi

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