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All Our Children promotes the welfare of children and the realization of child rights in Finland and internationally. In Finland, donations are used on the behalf of multicultural and immigrant children. The destinations for development cooperation and sponsorship are in Bolivia, Colombia and India.

Our co-operation partners operating in the destination countries are reliable and professional. We can assure you that your support will reach its destination and is significant. You can support our activities by  a single donation or monthly contributions.

The bank account of fundraising and donations: Yhteiset Lapsemme ry, NORDEA FI25 1011 3000 2110 44 Reference: The destination of the donation (Bolivia, Colombia, India or other, for example, work in Finland)The fund-raising permit: Police Bureau № RA / 2017/287

The sponsorship fee is 14 euros per month.

Rahankeräyslupa Poliisihallitus nro RA/2017/287

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