Ole rohkea ja reilu

Ole rohkea ja reilu – Be brave and fair 

All Our Children encourages children and youth to have courage, to be fair and to promote a culture of caring for others. As a part of our advocacy work, we offer to children and youth the Be Brave and Fair workshops. The aim of these workshops is to promote understanding, develop an appreciation for diversity, and to strengthen the skills of caring and intervention.

Volunteers, trained by All Our Children, direct the workshops, which are free of charge. Be Brave and Fair workshops and activities started from the Ole rohkea ja reilu – uskalla välittää! (Be brave and fair – dare to care!) campaign for the 25th anniversary of All Our Children, to promote diversity and counteract racism.

The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health supports the Be Brave and Fair workshop activities through the national lottery system.

Be brave and fair! Influence the attitude environment and order a workshop or train as a Be Brave and Fair instructor!